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Review Of Pete Bruckshaw's Auction Arbitrage Secret

One of the best ways of learning how to do things like eBay arbitrage is to see how others do things. Pete Bruckshaw has written a simple eBook explaining how he does eBay arbitrage.

Pete's been selling on eBay since 2004, and has perfected an interesting way of getting products to sell. Basically, he buys them on eBay from sellers who make mistakes in their listings.

The book is called The Auction Arbitrage Secret and is full of examples of things he's bought on ebay and then resold for a nice profit.

One of his examples - Dealing with cell phones on page 21 isn't what I'd call eBay arbitrage. To me it's more of an example of identifying items that bring good money on eBay, and then using other means to get people to offer you the ones you can make money on.

While I call some of the activities by different names, reading The Auction Arbitrage Secret got me thinking about additional ways to find products I can sell on eBay.

This is the biggest problem most eBay sellers have: Finding products to sell on eBay. Pete's come up with some interesting tactics.

EBay arbitrage is one of the simplest ways of making money on eBay.

Along with The Auction Arbitrage Secret, you'll also get an interview I did with Pete about some of my eBay Arbitrage methods. If you'd rather not read the book he includes an audio version you can listen too.

Get Pete's Book Here.*

The Auction Arbitrage Secret comes with the same 56 day no questions asked guarantee I offer here on my site. This means you can buy the book, and then decide if it's been helpful.

The Auction Arbitrage Secret
Reviewed by Terry Gibbs.
Rated: 5/ 5


* That's an affiliate link. When you buy the book I get a small commission. This doesn't increase your costs, you'll pay the same amount as others.

Get Pete's Book Here.

PS Here's an article explaining 9 Ways To Profit With eBay Arbitrage

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